Better and more beautiful houses. Houses we can move in quickly. Houses, which will reduce our costs and consume less energy.


We wanted a better life and brought home everything to make us happy. So we don’t have to go anywhere anymore. We did get better cars, more beautiful houses, modern shopping centres, robots that work for us.


We got a lot, but lost the most important thing. Fresh air and freedom. That’s why people are indoors. They are looking for security, but in reality they are moving away from it.


Our quality of living is at stake.


Allergies, headaches, coughing, chest pain … all of these can be caused by sick buildings, almost every third building is already sick. Both new and renovated buildings are sick.

We wanted a better life, but somewhere along the way we did something wrong.

Is this really what you want?


Fact 1:

“30% of all people in the world have at least one type of allergy reaction.”

Fact 2:

600.000 children die each year from lung and respiratory diseases. Children are dying because of polluted air.”

Fact 3:

“Adults and even children suffer from depression. Every day more and more people are depressed, in the EU alone almost 15% of people suffer from depression.”

Fact 4:

“Cancer is everywhere. Can you imagine? About 8 million people die from cancer each year.”

How to improve your quality of living?

FROM AIRless ERA towards AIR ERA

Step 1:

“Don’t choose the fastest and cheapest construction, but choose the most healthy one.”

A healthy home is similar to an ecological home. New healthy houses are now again made of clay,
loam, and other materials taken from the environment where we live. Steel construction and new foamed concrete materials with no additional chemicals are much healthier for our homes and for all of us.

Step 2:

“With proper windows, there will be less noise in your home, you will be safer and you will save on heating at the same time.”

Step 3:

“Install ventilation in your home and prevent it from draught and make it pleasant, with always fresh air, without mites, solid particles and preserve it always warm despite constant ventilation.”

Step 4:

“Wisely choose construction solution for your home, ventilation system and proper windows.”

Choose MIK windows and the local ventilation system MIKrovent, which will not only keep the air in your home fresh and healthy, but it will also keep it warm, so you will use less money for heating.

Get to know more about MIK windows and local ventilation system MIKrovent

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